The Hospitable Church

I would like to invite anyone reading this to a three-week class on biblical hospitality at Cassidy UMC. This is part of our Wednesday night program, with the class beginning at 6:30 p.m., right after dinner. We’ll meet in the Sunday school room off the fellowship hall. Here’s what’s in store:
  • Week 1 (April 25): The Biblical Basis of Hospitality. This isn’t about tea and cookies; biblically, being welcoming toward others is a matter of life and death.
  • Week 2 (May 2): Introducing LeChambon. I want to introduce you to a tiny French village that implemented radical Christian hospitality in a powerful way during World War II, saving thousands of Jewish lives. It is an inspirational and challenging story.
  • Week 3 (May 9): What I Dream. As your pastor, I want to share with you my ideas about what hospitality in a Christian setting could look like with the right kind of commitment.
  • And As a Special Bonus: Those of you in regular attendance at the hospitality classes will be invited to the parsonage for dinner and a chance to view the movie “Babette’s Feast,” a story built around the ideas of hospitality and grace.

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