Fixin’ to Move

Luminary UMC's building

Luminary UMC’s building

Thought I would take a moment to announce I’ll be moving this summer, God willing. I’m projected to become pastor of Luminary United Methodist Church in Ten Mile, Tenn., a lovely little community along Watts Bar Lake, southwest of Knoxville.

We in the United Methodist Church say “projected” because nothing in life is certain, and appointment-altering events could occur before the last day of annual conference June 11, when appointments are “fixed.” (Ouch.) But as of now, this change is about as certain as pastoral moves can be in May.

If all goes as planned, my last Sunday in the pulpit at Cassidy UMC should be June 15; my first Sunday in Luminary’s pulpit should be July 6. The move won’t impact this blog—wherever I go, I’m supposed to preach God’s word, and that preaching usually is the basis of what I write here.

Do me a favor and say a prayer for me, my family, and the churches involved in this time of change. While you’re at it, remember all the pastors’ families in transition.

Oh, and for you UMC Holston Conference pastors who are moving—I hope you’ve taken note of the lectionary epistle text on our last Sunday before leaving. I know what I’m preaching.


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